#yesFlibustier – Legal Page

We love to see you showcasing Flibustier Paris products on social networks. We would be happy to share these photos and videos on our communication channels, especially the Flibustier Paris website (flibustierparis.com), but also in the Flibustier Paris newsletter or on our social networks.

By responding to our request with the hashtag #ouiflibustier by tagging us with @FlibustierParis, you:

Authorize Flibustier Paris to use your photo for its marketing and/or advertising activities, including in the gallery of the flibustierparis.com website, in its newsletters, on its social networks, in its e-mails and in its other customer communication channels, on store materials and for other marketing purposes.

Authorize Flibustier Paris to use your photo until this authorization is withdrawnYou will receive:Free publicity on our channels and website (flibustierparis.com)

Full credits on your photo: your social network will be linked to it and/or your name will be mentioned.

The possibility of withdrawing your authorization at any time.

By accepting these conditions, you grant Flibustier Paris a non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide license to use and share your photo for marketing and/or advertising purposes, including the right to reproduce, distribute, modify and edit your photos. You represent and warrant that you own or control the rights to the material you have submitted and that you have the permission of all persons appearing in the photos. If products from other brands appear in the photo and that brand is mentioned in your photo, we will also mention that brand when we share your photo. If other brands appear in your photo but are not mentioned, we cannot mention these brands either. However, we can always add a reference later, on request. The photo will remain your property at all times and your authorization may be withdrawn.

Withdrawal of authorization

If you wish to withdraw your authorization, send us an e-mail to contact@flibustierparis.com and we will remove your photo from our digital channels within 14 days. If we have used your photo in our newsletter and/or magazine, it is not possible to withdraw the photo, but we will not use it in the future.We look forward to sharing your photos.