Skull Rings

    Embrace the daring spirit of rock with our new "Skull Rings" collection. Each piece is meticulously crafted to exude audacious elegance, blending the rebellious energy of rock music with luxurious materials. Featuring masterful designs and intricate details, these rings bring out your inner rock star. Explore the "Skull Rings" collection and make a statement that's impossible to ignore.
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    Skull rings: a whole symbol on your finger

    Among all the symbolic jewels, the ring occupies a special place. Worn daily, it accompanies every gesture, dresses the hand, catches the eye and delivers a message. And among all the rings, those including skulls act as queens of the strong symbol. They particularly highlight this imagery known and recognized as inseparable from Rock and Punk culture. But a skull is much more than that... With its roots in the Middle Ages, the representation of the skull has since traveled in time and space. It was in turn a warrior symbol, used to inspire fear, ward off fate and evil spirits or remind us of our mortal condition. Today, the skull remains very topical in many artistic circles. It resonates for those who are fearless, and who find themselves in this uncompromising imagery. Rebellious, aesthetic, provocative or offbeat, we celebrate it without complex and in all its forms at FLIBUSTIER PARIS.

    What is the meaning of the skull in the skull rings?

    The skull ring perfectly symbolizes this duality between mind and body. This jewel illustrates free, liberated and assumed spirit. The skull or vanité, represented in its mortality and finality, defies the effect of time and destiny. It reminds everyone that we are only passing through in a life that is fully savored, in accordance with one's desires. It is this assurance and the intensity of existence that inspire us at FLIBUSTIER PARIS. Worn on the finger, the ring becomes a real part of you. Your hand is adorned with a strong emblem, both dark and shiny, which does not leave anyone indifferent. In Sterling Silver, the skull and its symbolism perfectly embody the Rock image that attracts and intrigues. "Memento Mori", the well-known Latin phrase, sums up in itself this awareness that everything is ephemeral. Keep in mind your own inevitable end...while savoring every minute, and approaching life at 100%!

    Skull and biker ring: the story of an amazing duo

    The attraction of bikers for the skull is not new, and the origin of this infernal duo takes us back several decades. On the other side of the Atlantic, in the USA, a veritable counter-culture took shape after the Second World War, closely linked to the Harley Davidson brand. The brand's motorcycles were used during the war and many veterans then bought the machines. Eager to celebrate life and regained independence, a close-knit community is formed, loving freedom. To celebrate it, what could be better than riding on two wheels on the beautiful American roads? The symbolism of the skull and wings is obvious among bikers. Nowadays, this image still readily sticks to bikers from all walks of life, in a terrible marriage. Hands on the handlebars, the skull ring as an extension of this rebellious spirit, and a true cult of life at top speed.

    Mexican skull: another idea of ​​death...

    In Mexican culture, the skull and its representation occupy a unique place. Indeed, far from its sometimes sulphurous or provocative image, the skull takes on a joyful, even downright festive and above all, spiritual dimension for Mexicans. On November 1 and 2, the dead are celebrated by the living, and with them, all the good memories associated with them. Result ? The skull, called "calavera", is colored, sporting a wide eternal smile. His image is widely used as a decoration in many mediums. This offbeat vision of the symbolism of the head makes it a hero of everyday life, a victory over sadness and the macabre. We also find it represented under the elegant appearance of "Catrina", these skeletons wearing luxurious clothes and hats. Diverting fear, changing one's view of death and defying the sadness of loss, this is the whole point of the Mexican traditions which celebrate the "Dia de los Muertos". Take inspiration from these customs from elsewhere and proudly display the skulls on your fingers, like so many treasures. The shiny skulls on your rings are there to make you smile!

    FLIBUSTIER PARIS' skull rings

    Are you looking for a skull ring? You are in the right place ! At FLIBUSTIER PARIS, the skull is part of our DNA, and we adapt it to infinity. According to our inspirations and your desires, we respond to the call of modern pirates in search of sensational jewellery. Our rings are suitable for men, women, and all fans of unique pieces. We work with Sterling Silver in our Parisian workshop, and this know-how is found in each of our creations. Each skull ring is available in several sizes, for a perfect jewel.

    Which skull ring to choose?

    To choose the ideal skull ring, let your instinct speak. All FLIBUSTIER PARIS rings are made by hand, with noble materials and extraordinary finishes for unparalleled quality. A rebellious and assertive design, and all the finesse of the details and the craftsmanship. Follower of mystery and discretion, opt for a fine ring. Want to be assertive, go for a more imposing ring. All the choices are possible and combine, for a definitely deadly style.

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