Official Hellfest XVII jewelry

    Return to the inimitable style of the 80s with the Hellfest Limited Collection by Flibustier Paris. Designed specifically for this year's festival, each piece in this collection is a rare gem, available in limited quantities and only for 10 months. These coins are created to commemorate the unique ambiance, unforgettable performances, and powerful camaraderie of the Hellfest community.

    From meticulous craftsmanship to iconic designs, each item is a tribute to the legacy of Hellfest, making this collection a must-have for collectors and enthusiasts. These jewels are not simple accessories; they are tangible pieces of festival history, embodying the passion, energy, and rebellious soul of Hellfest.

    Take this chance to own a piece of Hellfest 2024. But remember, once sold out, the collection will be gone forever. Embrace the heritage, celebrate the music, and carry a piece of Hellfest with you.

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